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'Valoso HUB'

Valoso Hub is a game changer in the software development community. We are a US development company with an in-house team of experienced software developers. Apart from our US office, we also have local teams in six worldwide locations, including Macedonia and New Zealand.

We offer innovative solutions to all your IT needs and specialize in different computer languages. Our dedicated developers can help you build applications, websites, and help you maintain existing ones.

Motivations and Values

Cost Transparency - Cost Efficiency - Versatile Technologies

International Experience - Infrastructure & Technical Support - Guaranteed Success

Unlike other IT solutions providers who set the terms of cooperation, we let YOU set the terms according to your requirements - including contracts, payment, paid leave and time off. Forget about hourly contracts or payments based on project completion. Hire one of our developers to work as part of your team full time according to your companys work standards.

This way you know they will be as dedicated to your company as you are.
Putting a face to a name is important. That is why we ensure developers are able to maintain communication with you at all times by providing them with all the essential equipment and access to our soundproof conference room. You never have to worry about them missing a meeting.

Our Services


Our team of highly skilled developers can help your business grow to all new heights. We develop apps and design websites with flawless functionalities and impeccable design. Expanding your web and mobile presence using the right framework is important which is why we specialize in Laravel, Angular 2 and React.

You will always be an active participant in the development process, as we offer full transparency, stability and open communication. We have the highest of standards when it comes to software development and once you work with us, so will you.

What do we use?

TypeScript / Angular 2 / React / Laravel / NoSQL / Android / iOS


Whether you need to spice up things with a splash of color and compelling graphics or want to attract a
specific audience to your business, we have got you covered. With a team of creative developers on one side and Photoshop and Illustrator on the other, you can be certain that you have got yourself the right combination.

We have everything you need to visually captivate your audience. You can sit back knowing your business is in safe hands. Enjoy watching your business flourish.

What do we use?

Photoshop / Illustrator / Adobe XD / Sketch


With our intricate approach to software architecture we make sure all your technical and operational requirements are met, including performance, functionality and security. In doing so, we identify design risks and mitigate them in the early stages of the development process.
When designing the database we perform in depth and choose the most appropriate one in order to fulfill the needs of each application we develop.

What do we provide?

Software Architecture / EER Models


We implement RDD and Scrum project management methods to oversee product development. Each stage of your project is reviewed and tested to make sure things are running smoothly throughout the course of the project. This way we help deliver an end product that exceeds your expectations.

What do we use?

Agile / FDD / SCRUM


Many comapnies will be solely creative, strategic or technical, but we think they’re missing a trick. True innovation comes from collaboration between different skillsets, working in different verticals for a wide range of businesses.

Getting it all done under one roof, from creating an acquisition strategy, through to designing or developing a software solution means that we can do what compartmentalised companies can’t – work together to improve every aspect of the project.

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