Microsoft’s Seeing AI App Gives Sight to the Visually Impaired

seeing ai app
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The Seeing AI is Microsoft’s latest app for iOS, which helps users with visual impairments to hear what they cannot see, making it “the talking camera” as Microsoft likes to call it.  

This revolutionary app allows users to point towards an object, text or barcode and get instant audio description of what they see. Seeing AI also has a face recognition feature that can recognize facial expressions and tell you if they look happy, sad or angry. Microsoft has gone out of their way to make shopping easier for the visually impaired. With the help of this app they can scan barcodes and get an audio with the product description. You can additionally use it to read books and recipes.

One of the most useful features of the Seeing AI app is the money recognition tool. The app can distinguish between different bills and coins, making it easier to shop.  How do you know if you have a good focus on the object you’re trying to scan? This intelligent app tells you which direction to move the camera to better capture the object.

Take a look at how Microsoft have showcased their Seeing AI app:

What Makes the Seeing AI App Special?

The main competitive advantage is the processing speed of the app. You can hear the result in just a few milliseconds. Microsoft has revealed that this app uses the same technology that is used in self-driving cars and drones. This makes the app accessible fast and in areas with slow or no internet connection. To access full scene description or handwriting recognition you need to connect the app to the cloud.

Microsoft has taken a big step in artificial intelligence, focusing on solving big problems in healthcare. The first prototype version of Seeing AI was released in March and is now available in the US and Canada, only for iOS users.

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