Why Your Chatbot Needs Personality – Now!

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In case you were wondering whether there is a future for chatbots, the answer is YES! Actually, it’s looking pretty good, with more people and businesses interacting with these bots on a daily basis. Nowadays, talking to a bot has become something ordinary. Many businesses have started using chatbots as an integral part of their business branding strategy and their impact is quite visible.

But, what exactly determines the success of these chatbots? Find out.

Chatbots & Personality

Rather than simply providing general information to users and customers, chatbots need to function on a much higher level. Focus needs to be shifted towards the actual behavior of the bots, specifically to chatbot personality. Chatbots should have human-like qualities, so customers can have an authentic and positive experience.

Why should you spend time adding personality to your chatbot? The answer is very simple. Everything comes down to customer experience. And chatbots are giving a brand new meaning to customer service.

Here are a few things you should focus on in order to have a practical and user-friendly chatbot:

chatbot brandingAvoid Monotone Replies

It is important that chatbots direct customers to the desired destination quickly and efficiently. Their purpose is to improve customer experience, so they shouldn’t be monotonous in their replies. You should give them several reply options, but not go overboard. Since they represent businesses and their corporate image, they should not be too chatty as well.

Adapt to Context

It is essential that the chatbot understands and adapts to the context of the conversation. For example, if the user is asking for tips, then the chatbot should suggest ideas and provide the user with more relaxed answers. On the other hand, if the user is asking specific questions, then the bot is supposed to reply in a quick and efficient way in order to ensure that the customer will benefit from the answer. It is important that the chatbot can predict what the customer might be interested to find out. This way, it will be easier to avoid things that the chatbot might not understand. Also, in cases when the chatbot is unable to understand something, it is crucial to have a customized response.

Take Specific Actions

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For satisfying customers needs, chatbots should be able to offer great customer service and take specific actions when needed. For example, a weather chatbot would most effective when it informs users whenever there is a weather change.


We all know our personalities are shaped through everyday experiences, interactions and social influence.  Similarly, chatbots should have their own personality, their own habits and characteristics that differentiates them. Although it feels strange to create a backstory and answer questions about a computer-generated bot, it is extremely important to do so.

People like to think of chatbots as real, tiny creatures living inside the computer who are in constant communication with them. Just like a real person sitting on a customer service desk. Therefore, it is important to make the story of a chatbot as believable as possible by giving it depth.

Have Visual Identity


Source: poncho.is

Apart from a marvelous personality, the chatbot should have an outstanding visual identity as well. By having a great visual identity users will be able to easily relate to the chatbot. In fact, visuals have a deeper effect on  the human brain than any other medium.

What should you be mindful of when designing your chatbot’s appearance? Well, firstly, when designing your chatbot’s visual appearance, you need to decide how you want to make users feel when they interact with your chatbot. Do you want your chatbot to be informative,  make users laugh or be their friend? This is something to think about.

Remember: The human mind responds positive to cute, colorful and cheerful visuals. Keep this in mind when you work on your chatbot’s design.

An Afterthought

It might seem like a lot of work but developing a great chatbot personality can do a lot for your business. It’s definitely worth your while to invest in creating a great chatbot. You owe it to your customers and to your business.

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