Professional Software Development Company or Freelancers: What’s the Right Choice for You?

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One of the biggest dilemmas businesses face when launching a new software project is finding the perfect software engineer. Should you entrust your project with a professional software development company or a freelance software developer? Most people will probably say it depends on the size and weight of the project. If it’s a large, complex project then it’s better to go with a software development company, whereas minor tasks and projects can be done freelancers. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing between a software development company and a freelancer.

So how can you make the right choice? Here are several things you should consider to make your decision a bit easier.

Project Management & Prioritization

Although freelancers are usually cheaper than companies there are many downsides to working with the former. For example, freelancers usually come with an expiry date. They are easy to get a hold of during the development stage but once the project is done – so are they. Also, many freelance software developers work for numerous clients at the same time. This often means that your priority tasks may get pushed back in the backlog due to the freelancer’s large workload. Or they might bail on you altogether. Consequently, important changes to your project may take a longer time to be implemented. And these kinds of setbacks are something you can’t afford to happen.

A professional software development company, however, takes projects and task prioritization much more seriously. They have numerous developers that they allocate to one project at a time, as needed. This means you have a developer that is 100% dedicated to your project.

Efficient Problem-Solving Skills

Although one person can be an excellent software developer, it is impossible for them to be good at everything. There is always something that will be lacking. When a person is working on their own it’s very easy to encounter a problem that they have absolutely no idea how to solve.

On the other hand, software professionals within a company can discuss and brainstorm ideas between themselves so they can come up with a quick solution. One of the best things about software development companies is that they usually have a mix of junior and senior developers with different skills that complement each other.

professional software development company

Project Planning, Management and Testing

Project planning, management and testing can be too much for some freelance software developers to handle. Usually, most freelancers fail in this role as they lack the skills needed to plan and test the product appropriately. In the end, it’s up to the client to manage all aspects of the project. Something they do not always have the time to do.

This is quite different to software development companies, who usually have a person responsible for project management. They ensure the project is developed and functional within the estimated time frame before they are introduced to the client. The project manager is the one who is in constant communication with the client, understands their ideas and expectations, and presents them to the development team. Having a project manager keeps developers motivated, makes their job easier and allows them to focus on what they do best – code.

Consistency and Relationship Building

Harsh as this may sound, not every freelancer works on the approach to have returning clients. Nor does every freelancer care about the quality of your product. They’re just here to finish the job – not worry about how the launch of the product will go.

On the other side, companies have long-term goals, strive to build up their reputation and focus on having continuing clients by delivering quality. Yes, freelancers also care about their reputation because it will bring them more clients, but just not on the same level as companies, since they might be freelancing as a side job.

Following Trends and New Technologies

Software development companies are always up-to-date with the latest technology trends. They are constantly growing and improving. They follow current tech news and work with in-demand programming languages so they can add some new features to your project and provide cutting-edge software solutions.

professional software development companyExperience

Generally, when people decide to go with a software development company to develop their idea, they believe that a team of professionals with various skills and vast experience will communicate their vision more effectively. Well, guess what? It’s true. Having a team of professionals who have a lot of knowledge and experience are definitely a more reliable choice. The main reason for this is that companies work with more resources than freelancers and the chances to miss important deadlines for them is almost impossible.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you get in touch with a professional software development company or choose to hire a freelancer to work on your project. You should weigh in the pros and cons and make an educated decision that will match your needs and expectations.

If you are looking for someone who can offer you a great flow of services, flexibility and someone you can trust, Valoso Hub has team of experienced developers who can help you with any software solution. We would love to hear your idea. Give us a shout today by clicking on the banner below.

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