How To Find a Developer That’s Perfect for Your Project

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Do you have a great idea for a project that has the potential to get picked up by investors? That’s pretty exciting! But do you have the right development team to make it happen? Finding the best developer is the best thing that can happen to your business.Turning your idea into a functional software means working under pressure, solving different issues and coming across many unexpected problems along the way. However, everything depends on the people working on it. So the question is – how can you find a developer that’s perfect for your project?  Here are some tips to help you choose the right developer and assemble the perfect development team.

Hire a CTO

Hiring the right CTO can definitely bring significant improvements to the projects and to the success of the whole company in general. There isn’t really a specific l time when you should hire a CTO. It can be at any stage during the development of your company. You just need to find an ideal candidate. Hiring the right CTO with great skills and experience will ensure your development team delivers the desired quality of the tasks at the agreed time.

When looking to fill in the CTO position make sure to cross these qualities off your checklist:

  • Strong technical discipline
  • Experience in management and strategy
  • Valuable professional network
  • Knowledge of various technologies
  • Great communication skills
  • Strategic mindset

Namely, the CTO makes sure that the business’ objectives will be achieved through the use of the chosen technology and technical strategy.

Seek Experienced Developers

When hiring developers who will work on serious projects that bring revenue to your company, you definitely want to look for candidates that have experience in the required field. However, it’s normal for developers to come across unfamiliar territory, namely new  technologies. Interestingly, it’s usually those who are eager to learn new things who will better serve your business objectives. So experience should not ALWAYS be the deal breaker, but rather the developer’s attitude to learn and adopt new trends and technologies. After all, software development is a pretty dynamic and ever-changing field.

Take a Deep Look Into their Portfolio

Every developer should have an attractive portfolio, showcasing their past projects. Portfolios are the first thing you should take into consideration when hiring since they gives you a clearer picture of the developer’s skills. A well-written developer portfolio should be well laid out with both technical and non-technical description of the project.

Ask for Client Testimonials

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Ask your potential developers for testimonials from past clients for reference. A developer who provides this definitely means business and has nothing to hide. Testimonials can give you an idea about the developers overall worth ethics, including:

  • Project success rate
  • Communication flows
  • Project dedication
  • Strategy implementation

Having insight into these things will lead you toward making the right decision for your business.

Follow Latest Trends

It’s always a good idea to get a developer who follows the latest trends. Developers who keep up with the latest and current IT trends are usually more motivated and engaged in their work. This way,  they’re  more eager to try and apply new  strategies in their latest projects.

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Summarize the Required Skills

Although this is an obvious step when looking for the best developer to work on your project, listing the required skills from most to least important, will definitely help you prioritize which developer better fits your required skillset. Also, make sure that the developer’s skills and personality match the culture of your company. This can save you a lot of time and resources. Lastly, ask  potential candidates what motivates and inspires them to get important work done.

Meeting Deadlines

Working on an important project that promises to bring in some great profit  but not hitting the deadline can be disastrous for the overall image of your company. Obviously, you can not always set a specific date, but you CAN make a pretty good estimation Therefore, it is very important to have a team that is able to overcome any obstacles and meet estimation deadlines.

Yes, you can’t t know whether the developer will be able to meet the deadlines while interviewing them, but you can get a sense of their commitment by asking them some questions. For example, what would they do if they start falling behind schedule? Or what steps they would take to jump over the hurdles?

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Good Team Players

One of the best qualities of professional developers is the ability to take part in teamwork. This means helping other developers complete tasks and participate in additional training for acquiring new skills. Being a team player is crucial for company and team growth.  

Congratulations! You’re now ready to do some interviews and find a great developer for your project. Keep in mind that attracting great developers can be a challenge. Especially now when they are in high demand and finding a skillful developer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want to get a team of experts working on your project and bring you an exciting product do not hesitate to contact Valoso Hub team.  

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