How to Find the Best Automation Testing Tools for Your Business

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Automated testing tools are software testing tools that replace human activities with artificial intelligence. They are steadily becoming an integral part of any development project. The reason being that automation testing tools offer many benefits to various types of projects. As a matter of fact, automation testing tools allow development teams to spend less effort and time on projects. It actually helps developers become better. Undoubtedly, test automation software is the best way for achieving effective and efficient scope of tests to improve software quality.

Why Should You Use Automated Testing Tools?

Every software development team tests their projects on a regular basis and are always on the lookout for some bugs. Manual testing can be quite time-consuming. This is where automation testing comes in to save the day.

Automation testing tools are used to automatically verify the key functionality of a project, test regressions and do thorough testing in a short period of time. Simply, automation simplifies repeatable tasks, gives team members insight into  which tasks are critical to organization growth and helps them recall tasks that might otherwise be forgotten or missed. In order to ensure quality, software tests are easily repeated more frequently during the development cycle.

Here are several main reasons why automation testing is important:

1.Saves You Time and Money

When releasing a new software, developers need to make sure that the software is compatible to all the operations as well as hardware configuration. Location doesn’t matter. You can start testing wherever you are. Repetitive testing is usually time-consuming and costly. Therefore, by going with automation testing you reduce the overall testing time. Whereas manual testing may take a whole day, automation tests take only few hours. Also, instead of having numerous people working on manual testing, with automation testing, you only need one engineer to write the script to automate the test.

2.Increases Testing Efficiency

Automation testing helps software developers find bugs in the very early stages of the development process and it reduces the time and resources needed to fix those problems. It is a quicker and more reliable way of testing as opposed to manual testing.

3.Automation Testing Is Suitable for Testing Complex Web Applications

In order to ensure that the new version of your web application doesn’t have bugs and regression it needs to be tested. Automation testing of web application is useful for the development team to make changes easily and restructure the code with more confidence since you can verify the functionalities of the application very quickly after every change you make. Generally, automation testing is the key for those applications with which millions of users interact and where manual testing is mainly impossible.

When Should You Use Automation Testing Tools?

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Automated testing is a preferred choice in the following situations:

  • Regression testing – This type of testing is most suitable for automation as they are executed many times.Regression testing works to ensure that there are no new defects in the functionalities and consists of a selected number of test cases.  
  • Load testing – In order to gain insights into the scales of the application and for finding out whether the software can perform the actual demands from users, automation is a smart choice. Use load testing tools to check the performance of your application, server or service.
  • Repetitive tests – Use automation testing when tests are mostly repetitive.
  • Data-driven testing – Run automated tests that mimic user’s’ interaction with various data. By following this, you can ensure that the application can work accurately with various data.

How to Select the Best Automation Tool?

Generally, the success of automation testing depends on choosing the right automation tool. Although it takes a lot of time to go through all the automation tools on the market, there are certain steps that can narrow down your search.Here are several tips to help you on your search for the right automation tool:

  • Are you looking for a tool to meet the needs of a  specific project or a common tool for all projects run by your company?
  • Is the tool going to satisfy your testing needs? It is very important to consider whether the tool is suitable for the technology you are using and whether it supports all the tools and objects that you’re using in the code.
  • Do not just look for a tool that supports maximum testing types. Make sure the tool is powerful enough to automate all your complex requirements.

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Selenium is an automation testing tool for testing web applications. It performs a range of web application testing across various browsers including Windows, Linux and Mac. This tool is extremely helpful for testers as it helps them write tests in many different programming languages such as: Java, Python, Ruby or PHP. Selenium is a tool that has the support of the largest browsers who made this tool an integral part  of their browser.  

2.Test Complete

This functional testing tool is an open test platform that offers testers various solutions to automate testing for web, mobile and desktop applications. This test platform allows you to create reusable and durable tests both easily and effectively.


Watir, pronounced “water”, is a simple and flexible tool made of Ruby libraries. It allows testers to write easy-to-read tests and maintain them. Testers can also use this functional tool to check results. For example, it tests buttons, links and forms. Moreover, this tool tests any language-based web application.


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The most popular testing tool for Android is Robotium. This great tool provides simple API to write UI automation scripts.This tools creates tests using Java. The best thing about Robotium is that it is a free Android UI testing tool. It’s also appropriate for many different Android versions.

Next time you have to do some software testing, keep these automation tools in mind.  Achieve great quality output that fits your estimated time and resources.

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  • Roman Sabalaev

    For UI testing there is a great tool that maybe you are not familiar with – Screenster . It is 10 times more productive than any other tool, working on the cloud and codeless.