Top 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Developers & Designers

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The war of the browsers is stronger than ever. Each contender is fighting for the number one position. Although many users choose Chrome as their browser of choice, Firefox is a widely used browser as well. The thing that makes Firefox attractive for many users is its exclusive add-ons that can be of HUGE help. Especially, for developers and designers. Firefox and its add-ons can definitely help web development by making it easier and more efficient. Here are 10 top-notch, highly recommended Firefox add-ons for web developers and designers.


Firebug is the ideal Firefox add-on that offers tons of web development tools while browsing. It is a must-have add-on for web development. With this Firefox add-on you are able to fix, edit and monitor CSS,  HTML, and JavaScript on any web page. Firebug is very similar to Firefox web developer tools, although in comparison to other standard developer tools, you can say Firebug is a more user-friendly tool. If you want to find out more about Firebug, consider watching this video.


2. Web Developer

The Web Developer Firefox add-on works best for web developers and designers and has many great features that can make the web development workflow process faster and more effective. Also, this add-on installs different web developer tools on the browser and offers many web design tools with useful functions which are very useful for web designers to finish their tasks more efficiently. This add-on allows you to display any CSS, JavaScript or image files on website. One of users’ favourite features of this add-on is the ability to auto fill forms for testing. This extension is available for Chrome and Opera also, and it will work on any system supported by those browsers, such as Windows, OS X and Linux.

3. QuickJava

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QuickJava is a Firefox extension that allows users to easily enable or disable Java, JavaScript, images, flash, or animations from the toolbar. This plugin is not only useful for web developers, also for users for improving security and decreasing bandwidth. QuickJava has strict security settings which decreases the chances of malware infecting the computer.

4. MeasureIt

MeasureIt is another add-on that mostly benefits front-end designers.This popular Firefox add-on measures web elements in pixels. With its simple purpose, MeasureIt gives you  ruler that can be used on any web page so it will measure items.The built-in ruler is very useful for web designers for measuring width, height, or alignment of web page elements in pixels.

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For web designers, taking screenshots from web pages is a common task. Screengrab is a Firefox add-on that dedicates itslef solely to taking screenshots from the whole web page or certain parts of the page. The best thing about the Screengrab add-on is that it allows users to save images to the file or clipboard and to freely upload them to the internet. Ultimately, this add-on doesn’t offer too many options but for web designers, it definitely finishes the job effectively.

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Completing a web project successfully can be hard sometimes. As people have different skills and backgrounds, collaboration is not always compatible. Usersnap is an add-on that lets you capture and annotate any web page. A bug tracking and feedback add-on for every web project, Usersnap delivers browser screenshots and visual bug reports directly to your dashboard. This useful add on allows you to make in-browser screenshots and collaborate and communicate with your colleagues via Usersnap and find solutions together.

7.HTML Validator

HTML Validator is another Firefox add-on that adds HTML validation inside the browser, and shows the number of HTML errors on one page in the form of an icon in the status bar.

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This agile add-on definitely helps you make sure that you have a well-formed HTML. If you want to validate your code you should try this add-on. You can easily see the details of the errors when you are looking into the HTML source of the page. The HTML Validator checks the standards for standards compliance and if there is anything that doesn’t fit, the add-on tells you the reasons so you will be able to update the code.

8. Ghostery

Ghostery is one of the best anti-tracking and user-friendly browser apps. This great Firefox add-on allows users to display installed trackers, pixels or any snippet on any website. Ghostery allows users to block advertising networks, trackers and displays from all known agencies. This great add-on allows you to make important decisions regarding the data you choose to share with websites you visit and works to ensure a faster and safer browsing experience for you.

9. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a Firefox add-on suitable for web designers and web developers. With this extension you can find out what technologies are used for building a certain website. If you want to find out what kind of technologies were used to build one of your favourite websites, this is the right add-on for you.

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Therefore, this is a very helpful tool for any web designer eager to learn how to improve from the already established websites.

10. FireQuery

FireQuery is mainly created to help jQuery developers through the jQuery enhancements for developers. This extension integrates with Firebug and the jQuery expressions are presented in Firebug Console and DOM inspector. 

If you are a Firefox user, you may realize that there are a lot of add-ons and features available to help you out for different reasons. Especially when it comes to web development and design.

Do you have a suggestion for a great add-on? Share your thoughts with our team of developers in the contact form below. We’d love to help you develop your very own add-on.

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