5 Mobile Apps Guaranteed to Improve Your Summer Holiday

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Gone are the days when mobile phones were just used for sending quick text messages and playing on Snake – here are the days when we can do practically everything on our smartphones. There are countless learning apps, entertainment apps and even business apps. Anything and everything is made possible with apps.

And that everything extends to booking our summer holidays, going on our summer holidays, coming back from our summer holidays, and everything in between.

We would recommend downloading these five apps so that you can save lots of money this summer.


WeSwap is a great way to do currency exchange, not least as it’s up to 90% cheaper than other travel money providers like the Post Office. Sign up to WeSwap for free and they will send you their prepaid currency card in the post. Alongside the card, you download the app where you top up your balance and swap your money from GBP into the currency of your choice.

weswap app


Everyone has heard of Skyscanner but not everyone knows how to best utilise it so we’ll fill you in! The best way to use Skyscanner is to let it lead you to a holiday destination, not the other way around. Basically, open the app with an open mind to dates and destination; search using the “multi-city” option and you’ll be rewarded for that flexibility through bargain flights. Many people log on with exact thoughts on where they want to go and when but you’re captive doing it that way.

skyscanner app

Image credit: http://www.flightswatcher.com/skyscanner-app-reviews/

Google Translate

Avoid those lost in translation moments by downloading one of Google’s smartest apps – Translate. The app helps travellers translate 103 different languages through typing, voice, or camera. That’s right, you can take a photo of something – say, a menu – and Google will translate it into one of 30 languages right there on the spot. Also, if you don’t plan on using mobile data on your trip, it’s no trouble. Actually, 50 of the languages can be downloaded and used for off-line translations. Smart.


Detour is effectively a tool that allows you to download what are, (in our opinion) the most engaging audio tours of different cities that you can think of. Filmmakers and journalists teach you about famous avenues, areas and landmarks from cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona, to San Francisco, London and Marrakech, to Austin, and NYC. Some of the walks last 10 hours. Of course, you don’t have to do them all at once but it gives you an idea of the detail.

detour app

Credit: https://www.brit.co/detour-clyp-heartthis-app/


Like Airbnb, Overnight connects travellers with hosts who might have a room in their house or a spare apartment up for grabs. The difference is that it’s built for same-day stays. This makes it a great product for spontaneous road trippers looking for a bargain bunk.

Airbnb is a huge brand now and as such, you can’t find the wall-to-wall bargains that you once could. Overnight, on the other hand, will still lead you to a bargain or two.

overnight app

Image credit: Business Insider

Considering these all these apps are free, there isn’t really an excuse to not download them and make the most of your summer holiday. Do you already have some of these apps on your phone or tablet? Or do you have another app worth trying this summer? Give us a shout in the comment section.

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Author bio: By day, Liam Clarke is a travel writer for peer-to-peer currency exchange innovators, WeSwap. By night, when he’s not planning (and subsequently dreaming about) his next journey, he can be found reading, sometimes cooking and occasionally running!

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  • Google Trips is also a great App, which helps to keep all trip details in one place, photos, tickets, bookings etc