10 Free Easter Apps to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Easter

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Easter can be a crazy time for parents. Anyone with kids can confirm. Shopping, cooking, entertaining, going out and cleaning are just some tasks families need to prepare for.  And trust me, it’s easier said than done, especially when you have your own little Easter bunny to take care of.

For this reason I’ve concocted a list of 10 free Easter apps that will bring out the Easter spirit, encourage creativity, incite learning and most importantly keep your kids entertained during this long weekend.

1. Color Me!!! Easter Free

Every child loves coloring-in. With this app your child can enjoy painting Easter eggs without leaving a huge mess behind them. Children can choose from a wide range of Easter-themed templates and color them in with just one tap. Your child will love it!

color me!!! easter free

(Image via iTunes)

2. Easter Bunny Dress Up & Card Maker

Playing dress up is fun as it is, but when you have your very own Easter bunny to dress up, things get a bit more exciting. With over 200 different dress up combinations to choose from, your children will have fun mixing and matching. Kids can also create and send awesome eCards. It’s super fun!

3. Hidden Object: Easter Egg Hunt

Bring out the inner Sherlock Holmes in your child with this fun hidden object game. Let them travel through 20 different levels that feature eggs, bunnies, chocolate and an inventory of interesting items. Can your child find all the Easter eggs hidden?  Put their skills to the test!

easter egg hunt

(Image via Google Play)

4. Baby Hazel Easter Fun

A well-known character among younger children, baby Hazel is at it again in this Easter-themed game. Your child will enjoy crafting the perfect Easter Bunny basket. There is so much to do before the basket is finished. Hazel needs help painting, decorating, and dressing up. It’s an Easter adventure every child will enjoy.

5. Cracky Egg – Easter Fun

Collect the colorful Easter eggs by matching each design. The goal is to clear the field. It may seem simple enough, but it really is a bit of brain exercise. If your child loves a challenge, they will definitely enjoy playing this game. Although, technically, it’s considered a children’s app, don’t feel guilty if you try it out yourself. It’s quite addictive, so all is forgiven.

cracky egg

(Image via Google Play)

6. Easter Egg Toss

You may already be familiar with this classic. As the name suggests the game involves tossing eggs from one basket and catching it in another. You need to toss six eggs in as many baskets as you can. Kids love this game because although it seems simple, it’s quite challenging. So don’t be surprised if they come looking for help or even challenge you to an egg tossing duel.

7. Easter Egg Painting

This is another interesting app that brings out the little artist in kids. Children can choose their Easter egg from the basket, dye it in a cauldron of color, decorate it with shining glitter and patterns, and share it as a picture. Watch your child’s creativity flow with this great Easter app.

8. Doodle Jump Easter Special

You and your kids might already be familiar with this addictive, fun game. If not, it’s never been a better time to get acquainted, especially with the launch of a special Easter edition. Your kids can enjoy jumping up the platforms, shoot away the cute monsters and collect the egg at the end of each level.

Check out the special Easter edition of Doodle Jump in the video below:

9. Swipe Easter Eggs

This is a fun game that will keep children busy for quite some time. To complete a level all you need to do is swipe a chain of Easter eggs and clear the targets set for every level. It’s child-friendly app that can be played by the whole family.

swipe easter eggs

(Image via Google Play)

10. Easter Bunny Running Game

This is a classic run game with an Easter-themed twist. Go on a journey with Kevin the Easter Bunny and help him collect all the Easter eggs and maneuver through all the obstacles that get in his way. Your kids will love this game and trust me, so will you!


You don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to look for ways to keep your youngest members entertained. Try out some of these free Easter apps and keep your kids entertained this holiday.

Do you have an idea for an app, but don’t know how to make it happen? Don’t let your idea go to waste. Contact the team at Valoso Hub and work with the best developers to turn your idea into a successful app. Enjoy your Easter!

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