10 Business Apps That You Need to Install Today

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Professionals nowadays are looking for ways that will help them improve their professional life through the use of business apps. Communication, time management, accounting, payment, and organization are just some of the categories that can be simplified using a business mobile app. There are thousands of business apps that can help do everything starting from a to-do list, to delegating tasks to employees and tracking business expenses and sales. Here is a list of the 10 best small business apps that you must try:

1. Evernote

Evernote is a free app that can store everything that you can possibly imagine that would otherwise be lost or forgotten. Although there are a lot of other similar apps, Evernote is tried and tested. This brilliant app can keep track of your ideas, documents, images, to-do list, and even save articles you are interested to read later. Simply put, it can keep tabs on everything – anytime, anywhere. This app has so many different features and uses that it has a bit of something for everyone.

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Source: https://blog.evernote.com/ptbr/

Think of it as your brain in an app. You can sync everything on all your devices, including smartphone, computer and tablet. If you still haven’t installed Evernote on your device you are definitely missing out a lot.

Check out what Evernote can do in the video below:

2. Trello

Trello is another awesome app that can be used both for organizing your work projects and managing tasks, in general. This project management tool can help you organize your work tasks, travel plans, and collaborate with your surrounding. Trello is most widely recognized for its visibility and possibility to add labels, images and use different colors. For many users, these features allow them to better plan their tasks and estimate the time needed.

To get started on Trello, you first need to create your board. Set up the categories you need for you task, for example, to do, in progress, and finished. You can create as many stages as you need. Once you figure out your boards, it’s time to put in your tasks. Each task, or cards as Trello calls them, can be further labelled depending on the priority of the task. Once you put in your cards drag them from one section to another, in order to show the progression. Simple, isn’t it? Everything on your Trello board can be customized to meet your needs.

Check out this guide and learn how to use Trello like a pro.

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Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com


Another useful app that is helpful in managing your tasks is Todoist. The best thing about Todoist is the gamification technique that this tool uses. Every time a task or a list of actions is completed, the user gets a point. Todoist can be used from Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Mac devices, which contributes to its multi-platform success. Also, it can be integrated with Gmail, Outlook and Postbox. Therefore, Todoist is ready to be used from any device you prefer.

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4. Google Drive

Brought to you by American search giant Google, Google Drive is a free data storage service that allows you to store documents, pictures, important documents and any kind of digital files.

What makes Google Drive unique? Despite its storage characteristic, Google Drive is also used as a tool where you can actually create documents. Similar to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Survey Monkey, Google Drive has processing tools called Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Forms. Therefore, by using Google Drive users will be able to write, make slideshow presentations, and create surveys from one platform. Other features that contribute to the uniqueness of Google Drive is that it’s free, available on all platforms, multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously, and it saves automatically. Use Google Drive to access your files, share them with everyone you want, and edit them in real time.

5. RescueTime

RescueTime is a time management software which aims to help users be more productive by providing analytics for their time spent. This app gives you a clear picture of how your day is spent by tracking the time you spend on applications and websites. Additionally, it provides a daily report about all the activities performed. The app works for Mac, PC, Android and Linux. RescueTime has two versions: Lite and Premium. The Lite version is free, whereas the Premium version has a free trial period of four months. After that it costs $72 per year. But, the premium feature has some additional features such as alerts, ability to block websites that are distracting and provides more detailed reports. So it is worth the price.

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6. Buffer App

As social media sites are becoming more and more popular, some interesting scheduling tools have been introduced. Buffer is one example of those apps that allows you to schedule your posts for four of the most popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Buffer works like your very own social media assistant – it is easy to use and gives you total control over your posting schedule without having to separately schedule every post. The app is free and lets you see the analytic stats so you will have a clear picture which post works best. Find and create awesome content, and Buffer will help you put your content out there for everyone to see.

7. Slack

Effective communication with your team can definitely help you finish the job more effectively and faster. Slack, the instant messaging platform can help you organize your team conversations into separate private or public channels and send direct messages. This communication platform also allows you to drag and share images and files. After installing and using this app, statistics show that Slack users saw 48.6 % fewer internal emails and had 25.1% less emails, according to a survey conducted by a reputable company.

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Source: http://www.theverge.com

8. Basecamp

Similar to Trello, Basecamp is another web-based project management tool that helps you organize your projects, internal communications and clients under one roof. The Basecamp home screen gives you a view of everything that is happening across the whole business. Business owners feel more connected and close to what is going on in the offices, tasks that need to be done, deadlines, and employees responsible for different tasks.

9. MailChimp

One of the most important marketing tools for modern businesses nowadays are emails. Although we thought that sending 2000 emails per day is impossible, it is. Mailchimp, the web-based email marketing service helps users to easily design email newsletters, share them on social media sites, see how many people saw the email, how many times they saw the email, and whether they clicked on any links in the email. It’s no surprise, really, that Mailchimp is the best tool for this kind of online marketing. By using MailChimp, you have the chance to regularly send newsletters, inform people about your business, share your blog posts, and stay in constant touch with some of your potential clients.

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Organizing business trips and preparing for travel is often time consuming and requires self-reliance and proper planning. TripIt is a free app that combines everything you need for headache-free travel. With TripIt you have all your travel confirmations, tickets, and rent-a-car reservations neatly packed into a single itinerary that you can access anytime, anywhere. Everything you need to do is forward all you travel-related emails to TripIt, and it takes care of the rest. It also allows you to see departure times, flight delays, airport directions and weather forecasts. As soon as you install this awesome app, you will never want to leave your home without it.

Are you already using some of these apps? We would love to hear your experience.

If you have an idea for a business app, do not hesitate to contact Valoso Hub and start working with a team of highly skilled developers that can turn your idea into reality. Who knows, your app might even find its way to a list of its own someday.

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