7 Secrets to Motivating Your Development Team

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Keeping a team of developers motivated, inspired and devoted all the time can be a challenge. Developers really do need more than just a good salary and benefits. Developers are definitely the ones that get important work done. A company can achieve anything when combining the skills, knowledge and the great energy of its team. So, how do you keep your development team excited and devoted to the work they do? Here are 7 secrets that are essential to motivating your development team.

1.Invest in New Technologies

Most of the time, developers do not want to use old versions when they are programming. One important thing that motivates developers to remain engaged in their work is the use of latest technologies. By using the latest versions of technologies, developers are more motivated to learn something new and apply this new knowledge on later projects. The technology that developers know and use today becomes an outdated version in a very short period of time. Tech guys love to update their skills! Therefore, you should invest in new technologies and provide your development team with the opportunity to expand their skills continuously. This will up their motivation and keep them devoted.

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2. Keep Calm and Let Developers Concentrate

Undoubtedly, communication is an important factor in strengthening relationships between team members and helps to ensure the sharing of new ideas and possible solutions. However, the actual reality is developers are trying to avoid over-communication. Over-communicating and scheduling too many meetings can be a waste of time for developers.Keeping your development team away from constant interactions will definitely boost their productivity and give them a sense of accomplishment.Developers want to develop! Remember: gather your developers together by carefully scheduling a meeting time.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

It comes as no surprise that employees nowadays want flexible work time. Having a flexible work schedule is especially important for developers. For developers, flexibility means working in an ideal working environment. For tech people, there are several things that make a tech job flexible. Every IT company should provide a flexible schedule time for its developers. In fact, dream companies offer this choice to their developers. The more flexible working hours a company offers, the more dedicated developers it attracts. Being in the office during a time that doesn’t work for developers turns out to be the least productive hours for the developer and company. For that reason, provide and trust your development team with the best daily working schedule. You’ll notice the difference in productivity right away.


4. Give Your Development Team Freedom to Innovate

Hackathons are tech events that have become extremely popular recently. They are a great way to motivate development teams to use their knowledge and ideas in order to come up with the most innovative IT solutions. These kinds of events allow developers to hack and code for a few days and are definitely a great benefit for both employees and employers. Participating in hackathons encourages developers to meet and engage in collaborative programming. Therefore, it is another great way to keep the developers motivated. Here are several reasons why hackathons are an inspiration for developers:

  • They help developers meet like-minded people
  • They have the opportunity to create something new
  • Developers learn and teach new IT trends and solutions
  • Developers have the opportunity to win money and prizes

5. Introduce Training and Development Programs

Providing additional training programs for your development team shows that the company invests in its employees learning and professional growth. Every employee lacks some kind of skill in the workplace. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. For that reason, introducing a training program is definitely a great way to help employees improve and strengthen their current skill set. Through the training program, developers will share similar skills and knowledge. Eventually, your development team will be on a higher level and all.

For best execution, sit down with your development team and discuss possible training directions. Find out what they would like to see during these training and let them know how they can benefit.

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6. Give Recognition to a Job Well-Done

It is nothing new that every employee wants to be acknowledged for a job or task that is well-done. Developers included. The ego is definitely one underestimated motivating factor, so developers do not want their hard work to be unnoticed. Although they do prefer private rather than public recognition, acknowledging an impressive piece of code can definitely contribute for a happy and satisfied workforce.

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7. Show Your Development Team Full Respect

Every developer wants their intelligence and talent to be respected. As a crucial part of any company, they deserve nothing short of this. Showing them the respect they deserve is one of the most important motivators they need.

If you want to find out more about how developers stay motivated, just ask the team at Valoso Hub. Our team of highly specialized developers would love to share some insight about how they stay motivated and engaged. In fact, our team is so motivated they can handle any IT project coming their way. Do you have a project? Need a developer? Give us a buzz today. We’d love to hear from you!

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