5 Dream Companies with the Best Work Environments

best work environment companies
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Finding a job that fulfills you can be difficult sometimes. What should you weigh your decision on? A big paycheck or doing something that you are passionate about. It’s a tough one. But, there is one thing that makes this decision a bit easier – the work environment. Since we often spend most of our day at work it is important that we feel good about coming to work, not dread the sound of the alarm every morning. Essentially, employee satisfaction contributes to greater productivity. Here is a list of 5 dream companies with best work environments where employee satisfaction really matters.

1. Valoso Hub

Often, when we think about the best working environments we think of the biggest companies in the world. Although, these big business names are dream jobs for most of the people, when it comes to working in an awesome office, size doesn’t matter. The perfect example for this is Valoso Hub. Valoso Hub is a leading IT company based in Skopje, Macedonia and it is definitely one of the best places to work at.

This software development company has the coolest office and the best working environment in town. When you step into the office, you see a cool graffiti wall that adds a personal touch to the office. Also, the office has eye-catching furniture elements, including a ping pong table used for meetings and large work stations. That’s not all. Can you imagine working for a company that promotes zumba, hip-hop dancing, and fitness? Sounds awesome, right? Well, it is. Every morning the Valoso Hub team get a productive jumpstart to their day with a 20-minute workout that combines these exercises.

Working with strong team spirit is just another characteristic that contributes to the awesomeness of this company. Valoso Hub has a team of highly motivated members with a sense of commitment and good working ethics. Valoso Hub is a dream company for those in search of a great working environment and professional growth. It has everything any employee could ask for and more. Every team member comes to work with a smile on their face everyday. What more could you ask for?

good working environment

Take a step inside the Valoso Hub office and check out their unique graffiti wall:

2. Google

ideal working environment

Source: Office Snapshots

It is well-known that Google takes the first place when it comes to best working environments. The most famous employee-friendly company works towards employee satisfaction by offering them a unique environment designed to induce motivation and creativity. What makes Google so special? From slides, Google bikes, basketball courts, nap pods, video games and on-site gyms, Google stands for the most innovative and powerful company in the world. Moreover, Google employees enjoy many other benefits, such as:

  • In-house massage rooms;
  • organic chef prepared food;
  • awesome cafeteria;
  • free haircuts; and
  • free dry cleaning.

According to PayScale, 86% of Google employees said that they are either extremely or fairly satisfied with their job. Everyone will agree with Google that the working environment is the most important factor that will make the employees happy, loyal and provide a close relationship with the company. Google employees have a great motivation because they strongly believe that they have a very positive impact on the lives of others. Yearly, Google gets 2.5 million applicants, which is 6,845 applications per day. The big question on everyone’s mind is:, how do people actually get a job at Google? Is it possible to land a job at Google? Of course it is.

Take a look inside the breathtaking Google offices:

3. Groupon

Groupon is an American e-commerce marketplace where people can buy anything, anywhere, anytime. The company has a tiki bar, a game room and an enchanted forest in their Seattle office so their devoted employees will always have a cool office space to relax. Among the competitors in the tech world, Groupon definitely stands high. Hedge, a Groupon employee who spent 12 years working in Amazon said that the Seattle office is the key to the company’s success. These employee benefits make it a dream company for many.

cool office spaces

Source: Glassdoor

4. Spotify

In 2007, the music streaming Startup Company was based in Stockholm and was made up of just eight employees. Now, Spotify numbers eleven offices around the world and hits 100 million active users worldwide. The company has gone a long way from its humble beginnings.. All their offices have different characteristics that make them unique. The style of the offices is playful and colorful, and the environment is adapted so it suits every department. The fast growing company makes sure that all employees are satisfied and their department matches the environment. The play areas that their offices have encourage employees to hangout during break times. Additionally, the company arranges different activities for its employees, including: concerts, sport and out of office activities.

best office

Source: Magazine Cocontest

5. Facebook

Last but not least, Facebook ranks as one for the most desirable places to work, as well. Facebook offices include cafes, burrito bars, a pizza window, restaurants and numerous kitchens. Different to other companies, Facebook uses its own software to conduct polls, asking employees how they would like the office to be customized. The work environment in Facebook is relaxed and comfortable. A survey showed that 96% of its employees are highly satisfied and experience the least stress.

best office buildings

Source: Retal Design Blog

These 5 companies really do have the coolest offices and offer the best work environment. When you’re looking for your dream company, you should definitely look out for companies that offer a similar working environment. If you would like to find out more about how Valoso Hub is helping its employees stay motivated, contact us.

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