8 Questions Every Business Should Ask Their IT Solutions Provider

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Choosing the right IT solutions provider is crucial to the success of your business. This is due to the fact that websites are the first point of contact for new and potential clients. I’m sure as a consumer yourself, you have found yourself doing a Google search before making a decision. In fact, 81% of consumers conduct online research before making big purchases. So, no, you’re not the only one. If you want to leave a good first impression and convert traffic into sales, then you should look for an IT solutions provider that can handle all your IT needs – efficiently. The question remains: how do you find the right IT solutions provider? Here are eight questions you should ask your potential IT solutions provider:

1. How big is your company?

This is the first step to understanding the capability of the IT solutions provider. Do they have enough developers, adequate resources, and open access to the latest technology? This kind of information is very important. Usually, a larger company indicates greater solutions, better expertise and technology, as well as additional human resources. Do you really want to entrust your business to a one-man band? No? I didn’t think so.

2. What is your response time?

it support response time

In business, time is money. So, when you have a problem that is putting your business on hold, a quick response rate is critical. It’s actually one of the main criteria when it comes to IT support, if not the deal-breaker. It’s better to know what to expect upfront than to find out in the middle of an IT crisis.

3. Which languages do you specialize in?

There are numerous programming languages used in computing. Does your IT solutions provider work with the most popular programming languages? If yes, then how experienced are they? It’s always good to know their areas of expertise.

4. Do you offer different levels of support?

Which level of IT support can they offer your business? Different IT companies offer different levels of support, depending on the needs and financial readiness of clients. Choice is always a good thing. Here are some examples of the different levels of support:

• Pay-as-you-go support
This level obliges clients to only pay for services they use. Generally, there are not contracts. Instead you pay an hourly rate or a fixed flat fee for a service.

• Break/fix support
Break/fix is a fee-for-service method. Clients pay a fixed amount for specific IT services which are agreed upon in a contract. Services that are not specified in the agreement are paid additionally.

• Managed support services
Managed support services include complete, round the clock IT support. The IT solutions provider manages the infrastructure of their client, as well as the end-user systems. This is the smartest choice for businesses looking for complete IT support.

5. What are some of your past clients and projects?

Getting to know past clients is a good way to familiarize yourself with the IT provider’s professional methodology and work history. Do they have relevant experience, what are some of their past projects, what is their success rate, do they have any testimonials, etc. Their answer will give you a clear picture of what you can expect by working with them and whether they’re fit to handle your IT needs. Think of it as a glimpse into your future. If they don’t have any positive referrals or if their past projects are completely different to your needs, then you should probably back out. Look for someone with a good professional portfolio, instead.

6. How will I be charged?

It’s always good to get the payment details out of the way. No one wants to be caught off guard with a pricey invoice. So, make sure you don’t forget this question.

7. Are you available after-hours?

Website crashes and bugs don’t come with an advanced notice. Staying true to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong – probably will. So you need to be prepared for everything, even if it’s outside standard working hours. You should know whether you can count on IT support 24/7 or not. For this reason, more and more businesses are looking to IT outsourcing. Actually, IT outsourcing promises various benefits, especially for small businesses.

8. Why should I work with you?

This is their last chance to impress you. Hear them out. If they fail to convince you with their answer, then I’m sorry to break it to you – they’re just not right for you.

Your Perfect IT Solutions Provider

Entrusting your business’ IT needs to the right IT solutions provider is a big decision that need not be rushed. When you find a potential provider make sure you ask them these eight questions. Their answers will make the whole selection process easier. Still don’t know where to begin your search for IT support? We have the answer. Find the best software developers and IT support at Valoso Hub. We ensure all your IT projects are handled by the best web developers. Leave the IT stuff to us. Contact our software developers today and get a free quote.

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