Google Shows Its Poker Face: How It Tricked Millions of Users

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Have you come across something called “Google Fortunetelling” on social media these days? I’m sure you have. It’s gone viral. But what exactly is it? Well, it’s a Google tool that claims to predict your future. The question is – does it?

The New Google Fortunetelling Tool

At one point or another, we have all wondered about our future. It’s just human curiosity at its finest. Well, Google seems to know how the human brain works. Accordingly, they have taken advantage of this curiosity in their latest social media awareness project. Their latest installment includes a tool by the name “Google Fortunetelling”. Apparently this tool allows you to ask any question concerning your future. In order to make some good predictions, Google tries to experiment with fortune-telling by analysing previous search results and user profiles. However, the reality of this tool paints a completely different picture.In fact, the “Google Fortunetelling” site is a fake. It isn’t related to the search engine giant, but a new beta version of a company’s website. So, what is the actual truth behind this latest internet sensation?

What Is the Reality Behind This Tool?

Here’s the deal. The fake tool that went viral after promising to predict users’ future is a way to raise awareness about a population whose future has become less and less predictable. But how does it actually work? As soon as you enter your query in the search bar, the Google Fortunetelling page starts to auto-fill the question bar with several suggestions. Suggestions such as: “Where can I find a safe place?”, “Is there a place where they will accept me?”, “Will I be reunited with my family?” or “Is there a place where I can give my child a safe future?” Refugees ask themselves these questions everyday. They;re not sure whether the world is ever going to accept them without any discrimination.

google fortune teller

Source: Screenshot/ Google Fortunetelling

That’s not all. As soon as you click enter, you are directed to a page where a new web page comes up and says: “Of course we can’t predict your future” and an image with a crystal ball  shows a number of refugees forced to escape from their home while you are looking to predict your future. The website states that every day,60 million refugees ask themselves if they even a future at all. For this reason, Google used a fake website to get people’s attention and to encourage them to think about the refugees and their daily turmoils. Even if it’s just for a moment.

The actual purpose of this project is to raise awareness for the fast growing European refugee crisis. With this project, Google invites everyone to help out by checking local initiatives, NGOs and donate to some charities. Simply, it motivates people to help, either by donating money or spreading the message to the whole world. According to Jort Boot, owner of BrainMedia, the actual company that is behind the whole campaign says that the campaign became very successful worldwide. BrainMedia is a creative communication agency in the Netherlands that used the search engine giant’s brand to attract more people. People who care about this problem, began to share the news on social media sites and spread awareness about the issue worldwide. Moreover, the page includes more information about the refugee crisis, images and videos about refugees’ crisis.

google tools


Although it seems like Google has most of the answers for our everyday problems, this time it was totally different. Well played. Even though Google Fortunetelling is not an official product of Google, it still got involved in the whole project for spreading awareness about the serious issue. Although it doesn’t predict your future, but it can educate and push you to think about refugee daily struggles. Just for a moment you are able to understand their suffering and empathize with them.

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