5 Key Strategies to Help You Find the Right Influencer for Your Business

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One of the most popular ways to expose your business and popularize your brand is the use of influencers for increasing your online presence. In fact, a study conducted by Tomoson reveals that influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies and the fastest- growing online customer-acquisition channel. So, how do you find the right influencer for your business? Here are five key strategies to help you find the perfect influencer for your business:

1. Look for Relevance

Relevance is the most critical part when choosing the right influencer for your business. You can find an influencer who can reach out to millions of people every day, but still have your conversions at a minimum. Why is this so? Well, it’s all about relevance. Before doing anything else, you need to make sure whether the content shared by the influencer and their audience connects well with your business.

Since influencers specialize in specific categories, it is essential that they tailor their content to meet your brand demands. You need to make sure that your influencer is followed by an audience , interested in your product or service. In this regard, you need to ask yourself several questions, such as: Does your audience trust this person? Is he familiar with the field of your business? What was the success from other similar campaigns? Influencer research tools are useful to search for influencers by theme and help you find out who is talking about your business and to whom.

2. Analyze Influencer Engagement and Audience Reach

As might be expected, after identifying the right fit for your business, the next thing you need to ensure is  your awesome message to be heard. Generally, the main thing that should be considered here is whether the influencer builds long lasting relationships with their audience. A post about your brand on social media will not stay forever, but an influencer who has a meaningful engagement with its audience can leave deep-rooted influence. Did you know that Twitter users trust social media influencers nearly as much as their friends? A study conducted by Twitter and analytic firm Annalect claims that 40% of the respondents purchased an item after seeing it used by an influencer on Twitter, Instagram, Vine or YouTube.

Another thing that is important to consider is traffic and followers. Subscribers, followers and fans are just one piece of the pie when considering the size of the audience. According to Vervely, the Avinash Kaushik’s model categorizes the key social media engagement as: amplifications (shares), conversations (comments and replies) and applause (likes).

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3. Examine Frequency of Influencer-Audience Interactions

What is the frequency of the posts made by a blogger or social media specialist? Reliability and frequency are just other significant aspects that you should consider when looking for the right influencer for your brand. Undoubtedly, followers and subscribers are more likely to check and share a post when good content is shared constantly. Probably, you are not interested in a spammy influencer who just shares content just just for the sake of it. Therefore, the quality of the content that they are promoting is exceptionally important. For this reason, you need to make sure that the quality of the content offered by the influencer lines up with your branding objectives. One thing is for certain, social media influencers and bloggers who do not post content frequently are expected to attract less traffic on their platforms and lack loyalty. So choose wisely!

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4. Expect Action, Not Empty Promises

Although this is the part that comes naturally, influencers need to be able to induce an action through their message. For your campaign, it is very important to work with an influencer who can trigger its audience into action. Although the message should not be directly forced upon your audience, the influencer needs to be able to sway the audience toward the brand.Every business depends on  marketing techniques and this influencer marketing technique will continue to progress in time. Check out this video to find out more about the trends in influencer marketing for 2017.

5. Look for a Professional Influencer

Lastly, before choosing to associate with the perfect influencer for your brand, make sure that they are professionals. This will bring value to your business. Be open-minded when it comes to followers. There are a lot of individuals who have strong followings, but lack connections. Do not forget engagement! Carefully research the key elements like: trust, knowledge, communication, timing and the power of persuasion. An influencer’s word means gold for your business success!

For boosting your social media marketing strategy, you definitely need to choose the right influencer for your business. Our team of professionals can definitely help you out with that by strengthening your online presence via appropriate IT solutions. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you boost your business.

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