How to Become a Web Developer Everyone Wants to Hire

how to become web developer
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Anyone can become a good web developer, whether through proper education or self-directed learning. It’s completely manageable. However, becoming a great web developer that everyone wants to hire is a whole nother story. You should have certain qualities and skills that will instantly appeal to any IT company. If you want to be noticed by companies, here are some characteristics you should attach to your name:

Be Passionate and Show It Off

Your attitude to web development is crucial to how businesses and future employers see you. If you want to succeed as a web developer, you shouldn’t view programming as merely a 9 to 5 obligation. Make it your hobby. If you want to be a valuable asset for every business, you should play the part of a passionate developer. There are various signs that indicate whether a developer is passionate or not, such as honesty, steadfastness and experience. So be sure to send the right message to potential employers.

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Employ a Great Web Development Strategy

There are various web development strategies you should use in your routine as a web developer. If you want to distinguish yourself as a great web developer here are some things you should pay close attention to:

  • Employ a web development framework;
  • Use a version control system;
  • Reuse existing code;
  • Take security seriously;
  • Document your code; and
  • Employ automated testing.

how to become a web developer

Focus on a Particular Programming Language

A lot of developers make the mistake of learning numerous programming languages without being completely proficient in any. Sure, it’s good to follow programming language trends and add to your skills, but the fact is – you need to stay focused. For instance, it’s better to be an expert in PHP then to have basic knowledge in Java, Python and Ruby. Sometimes more is less. Before you choose your focus programming language, do some research to find out which languages are in demand.

Ask a Lot of Questions

Businesses don’t like passive employees that never contribute any ideas or voice their opinions. They want someone who is full of ideas that can move their business objectives forward. If you want to get noticed and leave a positive impression on businesses and potential employers, then the key is to ask a lot of questions. Ask questions about their business, what their goals are, where they see their company in five years and so on. The point is to show interest. This will send businesses the message that you share their perspective and they will really appreciate it.

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Make the Best of What’s Available

Every developer wants to work with the latest technology and tools, but sometimes this isn’t possible for various reasons. It is important to make do with what’s available and ignore all obstacles, focusing solely on achieving the end goal. You have to be resourceful if you want to improve your skills. Although it may be frustrating not to have access to the latest tools and technology, resourcefulness will improve your web development skills in the long run and strengthen you for future projects.

Follow Latest Trends in the IT Industry

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the IT industry. This will ensure you are always at the top of your game. One of the best places to follow trends is through establishing a presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Also, you can attend IT events and gatherings so you can interact and mingle with influential people in your field of expertise.

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Have Great Time-Management Skills

Every web developer knows how stressful each day can be. The usual mindset is that stress just comes as part of the job description. But it doesn’t have to be so. If you want to set yourself apart from other web developers then you should learn to plan your time efficiently. IT companies love developers who are well organized and time-efficient, especially larger companies who undertake a lot of projects.

Here is a short video illustrating some tips to help improve your time-management strategy:

Show Dedication and Project Commitment

Yes, it’s always good to look for better job opportunities that promise you professional growth and financial security. But this does not mean you should switch workplaces every few months. This can give you a bad professional reputation and sends a bad message to potential employers.

The truth is businesses value loyalty and commitment. All job-hopping will do for you is paint you as unprofessional or lacking in skill. When it comes to who companies will hire – the majority will choose a web developer that has worked for a company for a longer period of time rather than a developer who has a history of job-hopping. If you want to be noticed by potential employers, it is good to choose a company and projects that you can commit yourself to.

Although companies respect developers who want to expand their professional horizon, a job hopper just isn’t someone they’ll take on board. So when you take on projects, stay committed.

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An Afterthought

Tick off these items from your checklist and you’ll definitely be a web developer that everyone wants to hire. Success isn’t chance, it’s a choice. Make it yours!

If you’re looking for the top web developers to manage your online presence or consider yourself a great web developer, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for the best and Valoso Hub truly is the definition of web developer haven. Get in touch with us today!

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