3 Must-Know IT Trends for 2017

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As organizations and businesses endeavor to adjust to the IT and operational innovations in managing advanced business developments, they should definitely concentrate on technology  and IT trends to support these activities. Nobody can anticipate how the future will shake out, however, we can make some informed predictions.  

Here are the top three IT trends you should look for in 2017:

 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Intensifying human intelligence with AI has the greatest potential to simplify all  technological processes. At this moment, AI is definitely one of the greatest tech solutions and is expected to make a huge shift in the way individuals perceive machines taking over tasks previously performed by humans.According to Tractica, the key trends to look out for in the AI Market Development for 2017  include the following:

  • AI will impact almost every industry
  • Deep learning will be the most important AI technology
  • Virtually all AI implementations will be narrow AI
  • Human perception is a bigger driver for AI than Big Data
  • Professional services is the next big emerging opportunity in AI

Due to new computing technologies, machine learning (ML) technology today is  way different than machine learning in the past. However, this unique type of AI has changed the world of computers by allowing them to find the most hidden insights without being directly programmed where to look. The whole machine learning technique is mainly focused on the development of computer programs to make a change when exposed to new data. Today, machine learning algorithms are certainly driving a big business advantage. Here are three interesting uses of machine learning that you might have never heard of:

  • The face recognition feature used by Facebook that identifies an individual from a photo
  • The free-up-space suggestion from your cell phone
  • Every Google search incorporates machine learning because Google uses machine learning to improve search suggestions and results

With the support from AI and deep Learning, Forbes predicts that in the future machine learning will gradually engage more in business problem solving, which means more automated functions – less human effort.

   2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

it trends 2017

We have seen some major steps for VR and AR in 2016. However, 2017 will definitely be the  year virtual and augmented reality really kicks off. Although many people are uncertain about the growth of this industry and its worth, there are some predictions that VR and AR will be a 150 billion dollar industry by 2020. Primarily, most of the VR practices were in gaming experiences and content consumption. Things are changing. The most energizing encounters are apps that let the user create the content, such as Google’s TiltBrush, Oculus’ Medium, or Quill apps. For AR, we should definitely consider Snapchat’s face filters as a popular type of augmented content creation. Here are some of the trends in VR and AR that you should look out for from Apple and Facebook:

Apple integrates augmented reality as a functionality in its iPhone 8 camera

It seems that Apple is the only mobile company that has not taken any steps into the mobile virtual reality world. The company’s interest is focused more on augmented reality and later this year  Apple is expected to show off their AR product.

Facebook shifts focus to  Virtual Reality

In 2017, Facebook is expected to start introducing VR experiences directly to its active users under their own wings.

3. Intelligent Apps

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Source: http://news.sap.com/whats-not-to-love-about-intelligent-apps/

In their list of top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017, Gartner listed intelligent apps second. Gartner believes intelligent apps have a great potential to transform the nature and the structure of work. In fact, he expects that by 2018 the biggest 200 companies will start using intelligent apps to improve customer experience. This is owed to the machine learning trends. VPAs – virtual personal assistants – are just one example of intelligent apps people use on a small scale and many big names offer VPAs in order to improve communication.These software agents have the same functions as  human assistants and make every task easier. We can expect to see an increase in the use of intelligent apps in the near future.

As you can see, AI, VR, machine learning and intelligent apps are defining the way businesses complete their processes. It has never been a better time to try out some of these innovative technologies and embrace the latest trends. If you want to try these innovative solutions for your business, make sure you work with professionals. Valoso Hub has a team of technology experts that are in line with every trend and can make any idea a reality. Get in touch with us today.


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